Where In the World is Gwen Reyer?

Gwen left full time real estate after 30 years of helping other people realize their dreams. In 2008 she built her dream home in the Chelan/Manson area. After completing her home she moved on to her next passion: Painting. She paints mostly oils and does some amazing work! The work her daughter is most proud of is the Poppies. Since her paintings can be found in the local shops in Chelan and Manson, Gwen has once again found a successful career.  In Chelan her work can be seen at Marcelas (yummy Mexican food) and in Manson you can see and buy her work at Fromaggio, a Bistro.  Gwen also has opened two stores in town: "A Second Act" with 2nd use and antique furniture and "The Sweet Shop"- featuring the amazing Galaxy Chocolates.

If all of that does not keep her busy enough, she manages to grow some pretty stellar grapes and through her friend, Angela, at the Blending Room in Manson they manage to make some delicious Rosé wine.

Gwen loves to hear from her friends and former clients. Her phone number has never changed and she would love to hear from you!  Gwen's number is 206.669.4508.  Stop in and see her at one of the shops or give her a call and tell her you are coming to town. She can also be reached through email at rosier4508@gmail.com.