Uncategorized Hacked By GeNErAL Hacked By GeNErAL
Uncategorized Zillow could spend more than $60M defending itself in a lawsuit centered around just one employee          Spencer Rascoff of Zillow The legal tensions are escalating between Zillow and News Corp.-owned Move Inc. And with good reason. There’s a lot of money at stake. In its fourth quarter earnings report this week, Zillow’s profits fell short of expectations, after the Seattle online real estate company spent $8.1 million on […]
Uncategorized New Mortgage Rules and How to Make the Most of Them BEGINNING Saturday, applicants for most home mortgages will receive new forms from their lender that are intended to make it easier to review and compare loan offers. Along with the updated forms, new rules aimed at simplifying the borrowing process for consumers will take effect. Mortgage applications submitted through Friday are governed by the old rules, while applications […]
Uncategorized Have you Heard: Seattle Unveils ‘Grand Bargain’ Faced with a growing housing problem, Seattle leaders have unveiled an ambitious plan to create 6,000 affordable housing units in the next 10 years. In September, Mayor Ed Murray and Councilmember Mike O’Brien introduced what is being dubbed the “Grand Bargain,” a plan that tries to find common ground for both housing advocates and real […]
Uncategorized Jeb Bush Tax Plan Could Disrupt Real Estate And Small Business Whatever the long-term effect of the Bush 2016 tax plan, there is one provision that may create something of a shock to both real estate and the financing of small business. In the “Backgrounder” for the Reform and Growth Plan, we read –“Generally, businesses would no longer be able to deduct interest payments.” The provision is seen as […]
Uncategorized Condo prices climbing even faster than houses         From the roof of their apartment building on Seattle’s First  Hill, Dominick Pham and his fiance, Sarah Cheung, can  see the Luma condos rising. The couple, who have rented  for two years, recently made a down payment on a  $465,000, one-bedroom unit there. (Dean Rutz / The  Seattle Times)      Both homes […]
Uncategorized Savvy homeowners find ways to cut remodeling costs | Design Decor | The Seattle Times Savvy homeowners find ways to cut remodeling costs | Design Decor | The Seattle Times.
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